With the Himalayan Mountains in the North and the blessings of the Indian Ocean in the South, India, which has been a mixture of different cultures for over 5,000 years, has a wide variety of diverse and truly rich dishes.
"Cultural exchange begins with food" - Rubina was born from that concept.
A new side of India that combines traditional Indian cuisine with modern –
It would be a great pleasure if you could feel "India" with all five senses through the ambience and cuisine, and discover a new way to enjoy Indian food.



The à la carte menu is
available for both lunch
and dinner.




Rubina also welcomes private use for banquets and parties. The size of the restaurant is ideal for private use and small gatherings among family, friends, colleagues and more.
Facilities include microphone, wall screen and projector, so you can use them in various scenes.
Please feel free to contact for detail.



Rubina Taguchi(on the right)

Rubina is an irreplaceable existence for me. The restaurant and I share a special bond – our name – and it's taught me so much, sometimes like a sister growing up together, and sometimes like a second mother who blessed me with opportunities to widen my perspectives through the many wonderful people I met at the restaurant.
Inheriting my mother's sentiments, I am truly happy to take over the legacy and continue on with a new Rubina.
I was born in Japan, raised in India, and have experienced the goodness of both countries. That is why I think it is one of my missions to act as a bridge between the two countries and contribute to the synergistic effects of each.
As such, one theme Rubina holds is “to enjoy Indian cuisine with Japanese tableware".
Kanazawa is rich in culture and we aim to embrace this beautiful combination.
Please come onboard to unveil India a little more through a short culinary journey with us. We sincerely hope you can feel the goodness of both countries through experiencing Rubina.


Maqsooda Sarfi Shiotani(on the left)

When I came to Japan 37 years ago, there was no authentic Indian food in Hokuriku.
The image of India was only "curry rice" and "hot country". I wondered how to get one to understand the deep and rich culture of my home country. Based on the concept that "cultural exchange begins with food," we opened Indian Restaurant Rubina in 1987, in a hope to share more about India through food.
Since then, I am truly grateful that Rubina has been loved by many as the place that disseminates culture as well as food. At the same time, I also learned about the beauty of Japanese food culture, and eventually wanted to integrate the two food cultures of Japan and India. The sentiment is now carried on to my children – I hope they will grow "branches" on the "roots" I have created, and bear new fruits on the India-Japan tree.


Kamlesh (on the right)

I have worked at 1135 A.D. in Jaipur, India, a restaurant inside a castle (Amber Fort - World Heritage) for over 15 years. VIPs from various countries have enjoyed the authentic cuisine there, and it is my joy to now share them with the people in Japan. I truly hope you enjoy the deep flavor of spices.


Arjun(on the left)

We would like to offer authentic naan and tandoori dishes just as eaten in India.
Further, we also want to introduce “fusion Indian”, which have become popular worldwide in recent years, by collaborating with Japanese ingredients. It is my wish that you discover a new side of Indian food and savor our specialties.


Kindly call for reservation.